How To Create Your Own Website For Free


How To Create Your Own Website For Free

If you've always wanted to start your own website, but don't have the funds to hire someone or perhaps you just don't trust the project in anyone else's hands, then this post is for you. If at some time, you didn't feel comfortable building it yourself because you were inexperienced and nervous about the outcome but over time, you've come to realize that many people build their own websites and online businesses with the help of various business tools then you should be encouraged. 

So, how can you train yourself to create your own website and online business?

First of all, you should understand that there are various ways to create a website, and some of them are much easier than others. If you have little web design experience and want to assure yourself that your site will look professional, you may want to hire a professional! However, working on your own website can be exciting and it can save you a a lot of money that you can invest elsewhere.

One of the simplest tools for building a website is HTML code. You can find everything from small guides to internet sources to thick, detailed books on how to write HTML code. This basically allows you to position, size, and color text on the page while inserting images, links, buttons, and other media onto your site prior to publication. Learning HTML can actually be beneficial because, once you have learned to use it, you could possibly assist others for additional income.

There are also programs that can be used just like a typical written document that build the HTML code for your website as you create the page that you want. You can edit things in Microsoft FrontPage the same way you would in a Microsoft Word document, for instance, and it will build an HTML code document for the web page you are trying to publish, complete with links and pictures. If you set your margins properly, it will even position everything correctly. Other software packages are available, as well, to do this.

Once you've learned how to build the website yourself, you must determine what information you'd like your pages to contain. You can either write the content yourself, if you are familiar with keyword density and search engine optimization, or you can hire another party to do the work for you, simply explaining what you wish to accomplish with the text on each individual page.

Finally, you will need to choose a service provider through which you can publish your completed website. Some are less expensive than others, and some offer a great deal more personalization, access, and storage space than others. Do some research to find out which options are best for you, then sign up and upload your work to the domain that you purchased. Once you are up and running, search engines will begin to troll your site, looking for keywords, and your website will become its own home on the World Wide Web.