Meadows And Flowers Essential Oil Blend


Meadows And Flowers Essential Oil Blend.


  • 10 drops rose oil
  • 10 drops lemongrass
  • 5 drops cedar

Mix oils together, and store in an oil jar. You can toss in your diffuser or mix a few drops to place in your oil warmer. Either way plug in your device and enjoy the wonderful scent that fills your home.

Think of taking a stroll through a field of wild flowers on the edge of a mystic wood, and you are in for the calming effect of your life. Use this blend daily for the best relaxation you can imagine.

“There are mixed opinions on whether or not you should ingest essential oils. Some people say it’s just fine, others swear that it’s toxic and you should avoid it at all costs.
You can make your own decisions, but remember that if you do decide to ingest them, you need to highly dilute the oil you are ingesting, and only take 1 or 2 drops in an entire day. Never consume more than this, and never let children under the age of 18 ingest oils at all.
They are full of wonderful benefits, but they need to be treated the right way, and moderation and respect are 2 of the biggest essentials that come with the use of essential oils.”

Excerpt From: Stevens, Adrienne. “Essential Oils: 120 Amazing Recipes For Your Mind, Body and Soul.”

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