Holiday Gifts Ideas | Books, Movies And Music

 Holiday Gifts Ideas | Books, Movies And Music.

One thing you can be fairly certain of is that you can always find a gift of movies, music or a book for anyone on your holiday gift lists.

Movies are sold everywhere from Blockbuster Video Rental stores to Walgreen Drug Stores. You can find movies in convenience stores and grocery stores. Many of the larger retailers, like Wal Mart, have bins of "bargain" priced movies and if you don't mind digging through them you can find some really good movies at rock bottom prices.

If you aren't bothered by the words "previously viewed" you can get some current hits for $8.00 to $10.00. With a diligent search and good timing you can get some great new unopened movies off of ebay for a fraction of the cost in stores. It's also a good source for movies that are out of print.

Not sure what kinds of movies they like? Perfect time for a gift card. You can get a gift card for purchase or for rental. A really nice basket to make contains a gift card for movie rental, a box of microwave popcorn and a few candy bars.

You can also purchase some great boxed gift sets. Many of these sets, like the Lethal Weapon series, are made up of the Directors Editions which contain a lot of extra scenes that were cut from the theater versions and an extra tape with interviews, bloopers and other interesting information. Have a John Wayne or Will Smith fan on your list? There are several different boxed sets combining each of their movies or put one together yourself.

Not sure about their favorite movie, but you know they are addicted to the television show Boston Legal? A large number of the television shows release entire seasons in a set format. Does your spouse love watching Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel? You will find many of their shows and specials can be found on tape or DVD. Whether you are looking for VHS tapes or DVD's you're sure to find the perfect gift.

The same can be said for gifts of music. There are music stores where the selection is enormous and like the movies you can find CD's in just about any store you walk into. With an idea of the type of music or the favorite singers you're looking for you can put together a really nice gift without a lot of effort.

There are an amazing number of bookstores out there, ranging from the small corner bookstores to the mega chains with a cafÈ and reading areas that contain comfortable arm chairs so you can sit back with your cup of coffee and enjoy a good book. You aren't limited to hard or soft cover books.

There are also books on cassette tapes and books on CD's. There are even e-books that can be downloaded onto their computer and read that way. Love stories, detective novels, horror novels, westerns, science fiction, biographies, cookbooks, instructional books, children's books. Your bookstore can be your one stop holiday gift shop.


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